Anthony Hu (Hu Baozhu 胡寳柱)

Hu BaozhuAnthony Hu (Hu Baozhu 胡寳柱) received his M.Div. in 2009 and M.A. in Theology in 2010, both at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He took up his studies in Sinology at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in the fall of 2011 and passed his Ph.D. exam in February 2018. Since May 2018, he works in the editorial office of the Monumenta Serica Institute. He is currently preparing his Ph.D. thesis on the concept of gui 鬼 in Chinese antiquity for publication in the Monumenta Serica Monograph Series.



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Conference Papers

“Encounters between Catholic Mission Activities and Popular Beliefs Practiced in Fujian during the Late Ming and Early Qing Periods: A Study Based on Kouduo richao 口鐸日抄,” paper presented at the international conference “Fujian’s Maritime Connections and Local Popular Cults,” University of Bonn, July 19–20, 2019.

“Mingmo Qingchu Jidujiao zai Fujian chuanbo guocheng zhong yu difang xinyang jian de xiangyu he shentou” 明末清初基督教在福建傳播過程中與地方信仰間的相遇和滲透, paper presented at the conference “Cattolicesimo e Cultura Cinese. L’evangelizzazione sulle orme di p. Matteo Ricci e p. Matteo Ripa” / Tianzhujiao yu Zhongguo wenhua: Fuchuan - zhuisui Li Madou he Ma Guoxian er wei shenfu de fangzong 天主教與中國文化: 福傳—追隨利瑪竇和馬國賢二位神父的芳蹤, Church of the Holy Family of the Chinese, Napoli, July 1–3, 2019.

“The Chinese Illicit Religious Culture in Song Dynasty: A Study on Chen Chun’s Shang Zhao Sicheng lun yinsi,” paper presented at the conference “Mazu/Tianfei: The Chinese Goddess of Seafarers: Historical and Comparative Perspectives,” Munich, March 18–19, 2016.

“Maritime Traders, Smugglers and Pirates: A Brief Introduction to Piracy in China during the Period Roughly between the 15th and 18th Century,” paper presented at the conference “Piraten,” 13th Interdisciplinary Summer Academy, University of Munich, Sept. 2–6, 2013.