Teaching Theology in Intercultural Perspective – A Programm to foster the Intercultural Perspective of Learning and Teaching

Context – Target Group – Aim of the Programme

Good teaching is an indispensible element for studying successfully at University or offering education elsewhere. Therefore the PTH St. Augustin aims to foster teaching skills for students who already passed their first exam (Master of Theology / Magister Theologiae) and are planning to work furthermore in the academic field or other institutions of education.
We are aware of the different contexts in which we live and which we teach. They play an important role for one’s own teaching concept. Reflecting these conditions and getting inspired by different cultural contexts is one of our aims.

The current programme consists of:

1. Training Course (3 ECTS-CP)
a. 3-days Workshop: Teaching Skills for Academics or
b. Online Course (not published yet), both including individual homework (preparation for the Training Course and its reflection)
2. Supervision and intervision afterwards including preparation and reflection of one’s own teaching concept (3 ECTS-CP).


The programme was established by Prof. Dr. Beate Kowalski (TU Dortmund) and is now led by the Department of Catechesis and Religious Education (Prof. Dr. Patrik C. Höring) at the PTH St. Augustin in Cooperation with the Institute of Missiology Missio Aachen.

Next Workshop

The next Training Course will be held at the Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule SVD St. Augustin from 2nd – 4th march 2020.
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